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Home Point Ministries

. . .that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus.  NKJV


Home Point Ministries was founded with three Goals:

  • Ministering to local youth.
  • As part of ministering to local youth minister to foster/adoptive families and youth.
  • Education and outreach to people with questions about Christianity, believers and non-believers. This includes Bible Study; discussion of social issues impacting the church and our culture; church history; and tools for building successful relations, families and community. We have launched a Website, Blog, and Podcast dedicated to this ministry. Go to TheChristianQuestion.org.

Home Point Ministries is actively involved in sponsoring local kids for Christian Camp, Providing Clothing and assistance to Foster Children, Supervised Outings for Foster kids, and supporting a Licensed Day Care focused on the needs of Foster Families.

We are developing a program to achieve our third mission goal of education which we hope to launch by Fall of 2023. It will not be a standard Bible Study approach, but a creative outreach. Keep your eye out for developments.